What We Do

Donations can be made to the Foundation general fund or may be designated for specific educational purposes by the donor as approved by the Board of Directors. The general funds will be used for “mini- grants” to teachers, business/industry partnerships, endowments for college scholarships, teacher incentive programs, faculty and student recognition, and other education programs at all of our public, private and parochial schools in the county.

Funds will not be used for administrative costs or additional personnel to operate the Foundation program. Those contributions for specific purposes as designated by the donor will be honored and used in the requested manner. All gifts and contributions will be administered as determined by the Board of Directors.

Each teacher is assigned a sponsor in which to report the success of the grant he or she is awarded. This response will hopefully continue to build relationships and support for our schools in the local community through business, industry, churches and private individuals.



Who We Are

The Foundation was organized by the DeSoto Council as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation 501(c) 3 charity. It is the only organization in DeSoto County sanctioned by the Board of Education for tax exempt solicitation purposes.

The Foundation was formed to receive and maintain private funds to be used exclusively for education purposes. It provides assistance in initiating programs that demonstrate effective ways to meet student needs and increase motivation to learn.

The Foundation grew out of an effort to foster a high level of cooperation and support for all schools, encompassing business/industry, local citizens, civic and social organizations and the schools.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of the DeSoto Council Executive Committee, the Public Schools’ Superintendent of Education, and the Directors of the private and parochial schools.

 Donation Opportunities

  • You have the opportunity to help us make a difference in the classroom. Having given over a million dollars in teacher grants since its founding, the Foundation is excited to be working hard for the next million.
  • The primary mission of the Foundation is Teacher Grants, however, we also manage The Ben Flanagan Freedom Scholarship for high school seniors.

Contact Us

DeSoto County Foundation for Excellence in Education
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