DeSoto County is well-equipped to provide support services for its expanding business and industrial growth, as well as its residential population. Both industrial and private users have come to expect a high quality of services that enhance the quality of life in DeSoto County.

Three companies supply electrical power to DeSoto County. Northcentral Electric Power Association provides service to the eastern area of the county, including Olive Branch. Entergy Corporation supplies service to the areas of the county that include Hernando, Horn Lake, and Southaven. A portion of the western side of DeSoto County, including the Walls area, is serviced by Coahoma Electric.

Atmos Energy provides natural gas service to the majority of the county, while the City of Olive Branch provides natural gas to its residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Each municipality and rural water associations provides water service and DCRUA provides county wide sewer services to its residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

AT&T provides telecommunications services to the majority of DeSoto County, while CenturyTel provides service to the eastern portion of the county, including Olive Branch. Birch Communications and CSpire Wireless are also competitive local phone services in DeSoto County.

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