The distribution of biomedical products is a large and successful market in DeSoto County. With porximity to FedEx, biomedical products distibutors are able to provide quick and accurate delivery of products to the nations health care system.

E Commerce continues to be a strong market for DeSoto County. This region has access to the FedEx Super Hub, 5 class 1 rail road providers, Port of Memphis, and the UPS hub. 

DeSoto County is a great location for food & beverage manufacturers. The Memphis metropolitan area has seen tremendous growth in this area over the last several years and has the labor force to support these jobs. 

As warehousing, distribution, and logistics contines to grow in the Memphis metropolitan area, we see it as a prime opportunity for manfacturing of material handling automation technology and equipment to locate in the area. DeSoto County is home to over 150 fulfillment centers. As labor gets tighter, more and more companies are investing in material handling automation to offset labor costs and turnover.

With 1,667 qualified acres and direct access to the Mississippi River, the Northwest Mississippi Mega Site is the perfect location for a primary metals manufacturer, or a petrochemical manufacturer. The site is 22 miles from the Memphis International Airport. Transmission lines, a substation, and a 500 kW solar farm are located on site. A potential rail spur for a class 1 rail line is also within 2 miles