Tax Incentives


Mississippi offers businesses locating or expanding in the state a number of tax incentives, including state income tax credits and sales, use and property tax exemptions. For more information please visit their website here: Incentives & Grants | Mississippi Development Authority

DeSoto County Real and Personal Property Tax Exemptions

DeSoto County has the ability to offer a 10-year partial tax exemption for real and personal property, which reduces taxes by approximately 35%. Taxes for schools, roads and bridges, and misc. municipal services are not abated. Properties are assessed at only 15% in Mississippi as compared to 40% in Tennessee, which results in significantly lower taxes in Mississippi. For more information, please call the DeSoto Council office at 662.429.4414 or email us for an application. 

Free Port Warehouse Tax Exemption

Eligible companies can apply for a Freeport license and be exempt from all ad valorem taxes on finished goods shipped out of the state of Mississippi. This exemption is full and perpetual. 

Northern Mississippi Foreign Trade Zone

The DeSoto Council can grant eligible warehouses foreign trade zone status. For more information on savings click here. For application process click here. Please call the DeSoto Council office at 662.429.4414 or email us for more information. 

TVA Valley Investment Credit

The Investment Credit is an economic development incentive program jointly offered by TVA and participating local power companies. This performance-based program rewards companies for five or 10-year economic and energy benefits associated with their new/expanded operations. Awards are applied as a credit to monthly power bills. Most companies can expect a 10-20 percent savings annually over a five or 10-year period. For more infromation visit their website her: Incentives | Tennessee Valley Authority | TVA Economic Development (

Entergy Mississippi Economic Development Rider

The Economic Development Rider is an incentive program offered by Entergy Mississippi. This incentive provides a credit of $0.01 per kWh for all eligible hWh used. This incentive is applicable to new and existing manufacturing, datacenters, and distribution centers that are billed under the C, HLF or ALGS rates, that maintain a minimum load factor of 40% and have a new or increased monthly usage of 200,000 kWh or greater. Upon execution of a new 5-year agreement, the credit is applicable for a 5-year term during each month that customers meet all qualifying criteria. For more information visit their website here:

For more information, please call the DeSoto Council office at 662.429.4414 or email us your questions.

Health Care Zone

The Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act aims to expand access to high-quality medical care for Mississippi residents and increase the number of health care jobs in the state by providing incentives to health care businesses that locate or expand within a qualified Health Care Zone and commit to create at least 25 full-time jobs and/or invest at least $10 million. For more information click here

You may also visit the Mississippi Development Authority or Mississippi State Tax Commission for more information.